Paintings: New Work

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pop up reception at 614 Alabama st
works on view through 11/6/2016
at 12 Elgin Park, San Francisco, CA 94103, the 60SIX annex
by appointment 415-577-4396

  • Isabelle Maynard

Paintings: New Work

Gallery 60SIX presents “Paintings: New Work” by Isabelle Maynard, her second show with the gallery. The exhibition opens October 15, 2016, 5-8:30pm, in a large pop up gallery space in the mission district at 614 Alabama, San Francisco.

Dividing her time between Toulouse, France and Napa, California, French born Maynard enjoys spending time outside in nature when not in her studio. Her paintings reflect this affinity displaying rich earthy hues often topped with airy whites. The paintings are generated by a process where the artist initially covers the canvas with a thin layer of plaster, providing clarity and ground for her graphite drawings made of loose automatic lines sometimes drawn with her eyes closed. Washes of oils are applied in a limited palette. The works, some airy and dreamy and others dark and explosive, give her singular voice a wide range…expressive, subtle, delicate and at times brutal and primal.

“Isabelle Maynard paints with a choreographic gesture. She is playing between colored grey nebulae surfaces and nervous lines of force,” said French journalist, H.Richard. Influenced by Pierre Soulages, postmodern choreography and zen philosophy, Maynard creates paintings which embody mystery, avoid premeditated structure (and titles,) and rest deeply in a territory of the present moment and soulful meditation.

Opening reception 5-8:30pm at 614 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. An abbreviated show of this work is on view October 17 through October 29 by appointment at the 60SIX annex at 12 Elgin Park, San Francisco. Her work is also displayed regularly at the Kneedler/Fauchere showroom on Henry Adams in San Francisco and in it’s Los Angeles showroom at the Pacific Design Center.

Isabelle Maynard