Train Ride to Luxor

Saturday, February 10, 2018

12 Elgin Park, SF CA 94103
open Saturdays noon-6pm for appointments
please call first 415-577-4396

  • Jürgen Trautwein

Train Ride to Luxor


60SIX presents Jürgen Trautwein’s new body of paintings “Train Ride to Luxor,” his fifth exhibition with the gallery. TRTL is a series of paintings inspired by a segment of the artist’s five month journey through southern Europe, specifically his experience in a train from Cairo to Luxor. The paintings are structured with a simple powerful graphic of a blurred field of space, a rectangle or two, light and dark, movement and stillness. They seem to instill a vision of the past, present and future in one moment.

Often unusual materials comprise the physicality of Trautwein’s pieces. Here he uses traditional canvas and brush. Yet similarly to others of his painting series,’ this work brings attention to notions of time and duration. The pictures appear without the hand of the artist drawn to much attention. Some pieces feel like a marriage of the zen quality of a Rothko field painting with the simplicity of the squares on squares of Josef Albers…but without the emphasis on color interactions like Albers. The light atmospheric glow draws the viewer into a “light and space” trance-like place, while the monochrome color field quickly bounces the eye back to the painting’s flatness. The final effect is typical with Trautwein’s works: An experience of painting with deliberate, unapologetic immediacy.

train ride to Luxor