Saturday, April 28, 2012

opening reception: 6:00-9:00pm closing party: Saturday June 9, 6:30-8:30pm

  • Jenny Bloomfield
  • Anne Terpstra


paintings and cyanotypes

Featuring Bay Area artists Jenny Bloomfield and Anne Terpstra, Zoom refers to the closing in on a subject, a concentration on process plus recognition that causes the moment to be captured. If Terpstra’s prints speak to the transience of imagery, Bloomfield’s speak to its timelessness . They both trace memory and the immediate and sudden act of making.

British born East Bay painter, Jenny Bloomfield works with oil paint on varied materials that include wood panels, canvas and paper to create images in which the process of creation is the intrinsic idea driving the work. Colors emerge through an uncanny lens in their muted photographic familiarity as Bloomfield explores the nature of how images originate through responding to the process and the fluid movement of her creations.

Bloomfield’s paintings are additive and each layer or removal of a layer requires a response and appears to have emerged organically, building on previous movements. The work holds a delicate balance between purely process oriented painterly texture and graphic order. The collisions of colors and textures become almost gritty at times and create a feeling that one has arrived in a kind of psychological landscape where there is no place left to stand.

Anne Terpstra is a San Francisco based printmaker and photographer. The cyanotypes exhibited are unique in combining Terpstra’ intuitive hand as a printmaker with one of the oldest photographic processes. The use of double exposure and divergent imagery speaks to the transience and subjective nature of both time and memory. Superimposed divergent images are revealed in the shape of a quick gesture. The blueprints obscure any boundaries and in so doing ask the viewer to suspend their need to label and compartmentalize the image and the process of creating.