Mark Making

Saturday, June 4, 2011

opening reception 6–8:30pm
live performance at 7:30pm
closing party Fri. July 8, 6–9pm performance at 7pm "Sketch"

  • Anastasia Faiella
  • Chris Pew

Mark Making

High tech/high touch drawing/performance art/

Anastasia Faiella's live performances with art materials, drawing, painting and video, provoke questions about body, movement, sound and mark-making. The viewer experiences a performance where movement, the female body and marks are captured and interpreted as a live event. In this interdisciplinary work she investigates limits in painting and drawing, expanding the role of the artist and the importance of the body as producer within the painterly arena. Anastasia's new work, "Black & White: On Paper," will be performed at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, June 4, 2011 at the opening reception of Mark-Making. Her performance of additional layers of the drawing "Black & White: On Paper, Sketch" will be performed at 7pm Fri. July 8th at the closing party.

See videos:
Black & White: On Paper-Paint (performance)
Black & White: On Paper-Paint (video overlay)

Merging the dynamic, and often polar, worlds of science and art, Oakland, CA. artist, Chris Pew explores ideas of an abstract cosmos and different trajectories for the unobservable universe. Chris’ work revolves around scientific theories and his art is an interpretation of those theories. Many times, scientists are purely speculating on a theory that only takes place if a certain condition exists, or the theory is impossible to prove in the foreseeable future. His interest in the hypothetical conditions of these theories is portrayed in his work.

In Mark-Making Chris uses various mediums to explore abstraction confined within a grid.

See videos:
Chris Pew: East West One
Chris Pew: East West Two

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