new work

Saturday, September 29, 2012

opening reception 6:00-9:00pm closing reception Fri. November 2, 2012

  • Oliver Dicicco
  • Julian Hoenig

new work

painting and sculpture

In his second exhibition of paintings and drawings at 60SIX Julian Hoenig presents new work, again utilizing unexpected materials such as vintage car drawing vellum, car paint on mulberry paper, and ink jet printing "en-masse" which explodes into abstractions. In materials and icons his work raises questions about man's relationship to technology.

Julian Hoenig is a renowned industrial designer, having shaped automobiles coveted by consumers around the globe. He trained at the Technical College of Design in Graz, Austria (’96-’00), then, on an Audi scholarship, to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (2000-‘02), where his talents were quickly recognized, being hired by Audi in 2003 and moving to the position of Senior Designer. His initial work on the Audi LeMans showcar of ’03 led to exterior project management for the Audi ‘RSQ’ in the film ‘I, Robot’, as well as real-world models A4 and Q3. His success with production cars, several ‘show’ prototypes, and futuristic film creation, brought him to the attention of fantasy-on-the-road carmaker Lamborghini, where Julian was the Senior Designer.

Oliver DiCicco presents a new kinetic sound sculpture in his second show at 60SIX: "Orsted's Flux Detector," an ingenious sound sculpture which cleverly examines how magnets and electrical current react together. The viewer participates in creating the resulting sound reaction, analog style, with real knobs and old fashioned switches. No cyber magic here, instead a magic built from a synthesis of DiCicco styled tightly fashioned forms, simple materials, well crafted with historic ideas.

Oliver's sculptural work focuses primarily on musical instrument sculpture and kinetic sound sculpture. He designed and built the musical instruments for the Mobius Operandi ensemble. Formed in 1991, the ensemble plays composed and improvised music and has performed in numerous concerts and multi-disciplinary theater productions. DiCicco's large-scale kinetic sound sculptures and avant guard set designs have drawn rave reviews while being used as interactive components in unique theatrical productions.

new work