Friday, August 23, 2013

Artist Reception 6-9pm thru Sat. September 28, closing party 5-7pm

  • Jenny Bloomfield



British born, bay area painter, Jenny Bloomfield, works with oil paint on varied materials that include wood panels, canvas and paper to create images in which the process of creation is the intrinsic idea driving the work. Bloomfield’s paintings are additive and each layer or removal of a layer requires a response and appears to have emerged organically, building on previous movements. The works hold a delicate balance between purely process oriented painterly texture and graphic order. She allows the viewer an engaging entrance...a shift from a somewhat photographic perception of light and atmosphere to the flatness of the oil painting and it’s rich materials and then back again into the light.

Using brushes, squeegies and a limited palette in this new work, her process produces paintings that arrive as dreamy unlabored abstractions which gently reference landscape subjects while keeping their stature as minimal abstract works.

Jenny Bloomfield