Related Categories

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Artist reception: 5-8:30pm
Closing party: Dec 13, 6-8:30pm

  • Kathleen Martin
  • Isabelle Maynard
  • Anastasia Faiella

Related Categories

Lyrical fusion of movement with painting and drawing

“Related categories” presents three women painters who share an approach dominant with the lyrical fusion of movement and paint.

Kathleen Martin presents large scale abstract oil paintings which recall the late Cy Twombly’s work. Her fields of calligraphic gesture engage intensely by riding the edge of energy and control; a tension formed by energetic spherical brush marks constrained by the minimal boundaries of a considered limited palette (often black on black) and use of repetition within the frame. Kathleen studied at Columbia, Oxford and the SF Art Institute, holding a BS from Columbia and an MFA from the SF Art Institute. Her work has been mentioned as well as reviewed in Artweek. (1985)

Isabelle Maynard, a french artist who divides her time between Toulouse, France and the bay area, presents canvases combining drawing and painting originating by drawing with her eyes closed.  Her process results in fresh marks, both bold and delicate, sometimes primitive, worked into without overthinking and reflecting unbridled bodily movements. Influences include: Willem de Kooning, Antoni Tàpies, Pierre Soulages, and Cy Twombly, the postmodernist choreographer Trisha Brown, and German choreographer, Sacha Waltz. Maynard’s work has been shown throughout France, as well as in Spain and Brooklyn.

Anastasia Faiella, a bay area performance artist and painter, shows her work for the second time at 60SIX. In this exhibition she presents oil paintings from a series called “Stream of Consciousness.” The works combine writings in graphite and oil paint layers in various thicknesses, which allow the materials an organic reaction. A hint of landscape sometimes emerges within this marriage of the hand of the artist and the action of the materials. Anastasia holds an MFA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Kathleen Martin