Saturday, February 8, 2014

Artist Reception 6-8:30pm
thru March 8
closing party Saturday March 8, 6-9pm

work shown by appointment Mar. 9-29 at 12 Elgin Park (60SIX annex)

  • Oliver Dicicco
  • Julian Hoenig


Kinetic sculpture and works on paper

“Tríodos” presents new sculpture by Oliver DiCicco and works on paper by Julian Hoenig in their third exhibition at 60SIX.

DiCicco’s new kinetic sculptures continue his series investigating magnetic resonance using feedback loops to excite spring steel rods. Works in this series shown at 60SIX in previous years were “Anemone and Orstead’s Flux Detector,” both interactive with the viewer. One of DiCicco’s new works is called “Triode,” the name recalling a device invented in 1906; the first electronic
amplification device...a core invention of the electronics age. Oliver’s kinetic sound sculptures employ scientific properties at the very root of the invention of electronics, while
conveying a sense of man’s inability to control technology. His machines’ form, movements and sounds give birth to alluring foreign creatures with a life of their own.

Julian Hoenig, an accomplished industrial designer, exhibits works on paper not seen before, using industrial materials such as car paint, wood stain and repeatedly printed engine drawings. Hoenig’s mix of these unusual materials on japanese mulberry paper unpredictably produce visual effects that chemically change even months after they are created.

After the gallery show ending March 8, the works in this exhibition will be shown by appointment from March 9-29 at 12 Elgin Park SF CA 94103
(12 Elgin Park is the 60SIX annex and office down the street from the gallery.)